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Equipment Needed:

Please refer to Girls Field Player on USA Lacrosse's website for equipment details:


Girls Lacrosse Stick: (no boy's or men's sticks)

Eye Protection: ASTM approved girl's lacrosse goggles.

Colored mouthguard

Where to buy: Local places to purchase equipment include Monkey Lacrosse (Norwood), Dick's Sporting Goods (Dedham), and PlayItAgain Sports (Dedham). Play It Again Sports also has used equipment at lower prices. 

Brands: Some suggested brands include Brine, STX



The ordering and payment process is very simple and will take just a couple of minutes to complete. Here is the link:
Please read below for answers to common questions:
Who needs to have this uniform? All WGYL players - new and old. If you were part of the program last year and your uniform still fits, you do not need to place any orders.


How much is the new uniform? The cost of the uniform is $55, which includes a heavyweight, reversible jersey and shorts. The jersey will serve as a pinnie for scrimmages and as the game play uniform top. Payment info is included in the link. If you would like to order just shorts or just a jersey in a different size to replace what you have, you may do that as well. 


How do I order a uniform? Please click on the link below which will bring you to a Google Order Form. A form needs to be filled out for each uniform you order.  https://forms.gle/ZmLx41w75xJsZj416


When is the deadline to order a new uniform? THURSDAY, JAN 12 We are placing a single bulk order for all of WGYL, so late orders cannot be accepted. Timelines are tight but the ordering and payment process is simple. Please do not delay placing your order.


We still have an old uniform (from 2019 or earlier). Can my player wear that instead? Sorry, all players must have our uniform introduced in the 2021 season. 


Our neighbor/friend has the uniform introduced last year and wants to give it to us since her daughter no longer needs it. Is this ok? We will try to work with you to make this happen. The uniforms are numbered according to grades and since the league has a two grade level, we need to ensure that no two players from any grade that may play together have the same number on their uniform. Contact us to see if we can make it work for you! If you plan to use an older daughter's uniform, please let us know so that we can coordinate jersey numbers for grades/teammates.


What if I have another question? No problem. E-mail Katie Callahan at